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City Communications is bringing fixed wireless to the Wingello, Penrose and Bundanoon areas. This is a project to help the local community gain access to better internet speeds at a realistic price.

Whilst we know some of you think you are in “Black Zones” our Fixed Wifi is completely independent from any major’s network.

We have dedicated fibre run to a transmission point then utilise resident’s properties as transmission points.

A simple small dish is installed on your roof at the appropriate height then this is connected to a router which sits inside your house.

See below for plans and setup fees…

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Areas of Coverage

If your house is not covered by a colour, don’t worry still contact us as we can come up with a custom design to suit your requirements. Call us on 1300 095 738 to find out more.



Fixed Wireless Pricing & Plans

Installation Costs

*Standard terms and conditions apply.

Senior Citizens Internet + Phone Plan

† Must provide Australian Seniors Card.
Standard terms and conditions apply. Installation costs for standard plans shown above apply.

Sound Good? Getting started is easy.

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Frequently asked questions

My house is not covered by a colour on the Map. Can I still get coverage?

If your house is not covered by a colour don’t worry still contact us as we can come up with a custom design. If you cannot tell what colour covers your house please call us on 1300 095 738.

How many outages do you typically have?

This is a hard one but normally only 2 per year.

Can I upgrade at any time?


Can I downgrade at any time?

Yes, as long as it is within the product category.

What is typical Peak Time Speeds?

Upon initial signup you will be advised with a map of your estimated maximum attainable speed then the typical peak speeds on the plan you have chosen at which time you can choose whether or not to go ahead.

24/7 Support

Our team is here to assist you 24/7 whether it be setting up your router or wanting to discuss a new plan.

100% Australian Owned

City Communications has unrivalled experience with over 30 years combined and is fully 100% Australian owned and operated.

98% Uptime

City Communications guarantees 98% uptime of all of its own equipment and helps to maintain the same to your premises.